Tenancy Application Form

I / We apply for tenancy of the premises described below upon the terms set out below:

NOTE: Tenancy Applications will not be accepted unless the property being applied for has been previously viewed.

* I / We acknowledge that the agent has permission to check our details as per this application

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By submitting this form, I authorise the landlord's agent -

  1. to check with my previous or current employer, my previous or current landlord/agent, and the referees named as my suitability as a tenant;
  2. to request and receive from any tenancy recording services and from other real estate agencies information regarding my previous tenancies; and,
  3. to report any details of the tenancy to any Tenancy Recording Services as the Agent deems necessary, including breaches of the tenancy agreement or positive references.
  4. I agree and understand that in the event of this application being rejected there is no requirement at law for the agent to disclose to me/us any reason for such rejection. I also agree that I will not raise any objection for not being provided a reason for any rejection of this application.
  5. I agree that the connection of telephone services and cable is the sole responsibility of the tenant and the tenant should make their own investigations as to the availability of the services before accepting the tenancy of the property.
  6. I agree and understand that in the event of this application being approved all initial monies will be paid to the agent by either money order or bank cheque.
  7. I agree that no keys for the property will be provided by the agent to me until such time as all monies owed are paid in full in accordance with clause above.
  8. I agree that I/we will abide by the policies of the office of the agent as may be provided to me in relation to this tenancy
  9. I agree to allow the agent to photocopy the information supplied by me for their records.
  10. I agree that upon communication of acceptance of this application by the landlord or his agent that this tenancy agreement shall be binding on both the landlord and the tenant. I further agree that I will sign the tenancy agreement, and be bound by the terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement.
  11. I agree that by sending this application via electronic form that I confirm inspecting the property and accept all the conditions above.

The agent is committed to the principles of the Privacy Act 1998 (Cth). All steps are taken to ensure that any personal information collected is protected from unauthorised use.

If you dispute part or all of the amount specified in this statement, and if you have been unable to resolve the dispute, you may apply to the Fair Trading Tribunal for a determination of the matter. By law legal action to recover the amount specified in this statement cannot be commenced until 28 days after it has seen served on you.